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Finances made simple.

We're committed to creating a solution that truly focuses on the needs of freelancers, removing the drudgery of managing finances and getting paid.

Get creative.

Get Creative.

Add and manage all your gigs in one place effortlessly. we remove the complexity and liberate your finances so you can focus on your work and building your business.

Get paid.

Get Paid.

We provide an effortless and secure way for clients to pay you. Simply request payment from the app, and an invoice is generated and archived instantly.

Get Moxi.

We're working hard to ensure Moxi is the best solution to help you manage your gig life. Join our movement to improve the lives of freelancers.

How do I sign up?

Moxi is available on the US App Store for iPhone users with a US mobile number. Download the Moxi app and we'll get you set up in no time. 

To use our payment and gig management tools, you will need to link your bank to Moxi, using Plaid, which is secure and easy. Your banking credentials will be kept private, and never made accessible to us.

Moxi uses payment processor Stripe, which requires verifying the identity of our users to comply with U.S. federal “Know Your Customer” requirements to assist in the prevention of money laundering activities. You will need to provide us with a photo of your valid state driver’s license or ID card.

How much does it cost to use Moxi?

No subscriptions or commitment is required to sign up and use Moxi. Instead, for every payment made through the app, we charge a small fee. 

For payments made by ACH, Moxi charges a fee of 1.75% of the transaction amount. For payments made by debit or credit card, Moxi charges a fee of 3.75% of the transaction amount.

These fees include the costs of our payment provider, with the remainder going to Moxi so that we can continue to improve the app and provide you with a seamless payment experience. You can opt to have the payer (i.e., your client) pay the fee, or it can be borne by you and deducted from the payment amount upon receipt.

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