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Don't batch and blast

Email marketing tips to promote your gigs

Keep your audience engaged by using these 3 tips for a successful email campaign

Build your audience

The first thing you need to do when you’re creating an email marketing campaign is to decide who you are sending the campaign to and define the segments you need. Think about the data that you need to target your email campaigns properly. Once you define your data you need, you can adjust your opt-in forms to capture that information.

Segment your campaigns

Email marketing is powerful but not if you over do it. Don’t batch and blast. Send marketing campaigns to subscribers based on their segment (see tip above). By sending targeted marketing campaigns you create a relevant message to your subscribers which makes your subscribers more likely to engage. This means higher open rate, higher click through rate and less unsubscribes.

Engage your audience

If your email sending habits do not adhere to best practices it can ultimately affect your email deliverability and open rates. When you feel that your open rates are low, segment your audience to target those who engage with your emails. This will positively influence your IP reputation and increase your deliverability and inbox placement. Including non-engaged emails in your marketing sends is only hurting your ability to deliver your emails to engaged subscribers, who are the most valuable piece of your database.


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