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Female led fintech startup at Art Basel Miami to promote new app empowering creative freelancers


Miami, Dec 11, 2019

BUILT BY the creative community, FOR the creative community, Moxi is set to launch into the new decade next month with an app that empowers freelancers to get paid for their work and manage the finances of their gigs.

Freelancers are part of the rapidly growing Gig Economy (60 million Americans), and many face anxiety about managing their finances and taxes, due to lack of understanding and inadequate tools, and irregular cash flow because of the unpredictable nature of freelance work.

CEO and founder Evelyne Kanakis, who recently left her job at JP Morgan Chase to focus on her startup, took to the streets with her team and met with hundreds of creative freelancers at Art Basel, to promote Moxi and connect first-hand with the creative community. They also gave out cool Moxi sustainable water bottles to keep people hydrated in the Miami heat.

“It’s been an amazing experience to meet so many talented artists at Art Basel, and get an insight into their gigs and the financial struggles they face. As creatives ourselves, we deeply feel it is our mission to provide financial solutions for artists, which allows them to focus on their passion and creative output, and less on the burdens of business management,” explains Evelyne Kanakis.

“By being an active part of the creative community, and involving them in our journey as we design and build solutions, allows us to provide bespoke services that truly solve the real issues that so many freelancers face,” she added.

“In making connections on the ground, we discovered that the creative community feels ignored and misunderstood by banks and financial services. We see a need for a financial organization that acknowledges and supports the freelance community,” says Laura Kimmel, director of the brand experience at Moxi.

Moxi is based in NYC, but available nationwide.

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