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MOXI empowers freelancers to get paid on time and maintain effortless financial wellbeing

All in one place.

Manage finances across multiple gigs

Manage finances across multiple gigs

At a glance, get intuitive insights into each of your gigs, helping you to be able to make better business decisions.

Track your gig expenses

Track your gig expenses

Auto import your bank transactions and add them as categorized expenses to a gig.

All you income streams consolidated

All your income streams consolidated

Manage your invoices and income streams that you earn from all your gigs in one app. 

Payments with effortless invoicing

Payments with effortless invoicing

Get paid for work easily and securely. We’ll generate an invoice and timesheets, and you can even add expense items.

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Stronger together with our partners

MOXI is committed to the freelancer community. That's why we establish partnerships with organizations and associations who represent and advocate for independent workers. Through these partnerships we are able to showcase the wonderful talents of freelancers and stay rooted in the communities that we love and admire.

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We would love to hear from you!

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